Cosmopolitan Dimensions

Conference Schedule

Thursday 7th June 2012

Venue: Muirhead Tower, G15



9.15-9.45 Registration

9.45-9.55 Opening words from Prof. Mark Webber, the Head of The School of Government and Society
9.55-11.10 First panel session – Political Economy and Security

  •  Anthony Maher – America: The Foundations of a Cultural Superpower
  •  Andreea Anghel – Twenty First Century Circularity of Change
  •  Andrius Juozapaitis – Financial Stability, Regulation and the role for Europe
  •  Amanda Moorghen – The securitization of HIV/AIDS: Its impact on norm setting through the provision of aid

11.10-11.20 Coffee
11.20– 12.20 Second panel session – Contemporary Britain

  •  James Bowker – Political structures through 3D Glasses – Tiered Pluralist-Elitism’
  •  Jon Robinson – Re-theorising Cameronism
  •  Elio Di Muccio – New Directions for Social Critique after the Technocratic Idea of Excellence and its effects on Higher Education

12.20-13.05 Q&A with Ramita Navai, chaired by Prof. Colin Thain, the Head of POLSIS

13.05-13.50 Lunch
13.50-14.30 Question Time
14.30-14.45 Coffee

14.45-16.00 Third panel session – Gender and Politics

  •  Laura J. Riley – “Women’s issues”: acknowledging reality or reinforcing hierarchy
  •  Dobryana Daskalova – The veil ban in Europe: A triumph of the far right
  •  Marianthi Karakoulaki – Women’s Rights in the USA: The Influence of the Abortion Debate
  •  Dana Al-Kassab – The rights of Muslim minorities in European countries

16.00-17.00 Wine Reception

All conference literature including: photos, videos, the booklet and feedback will be available on our Facebook Page:


Keynote Speaker: Ramita Navai – journalist (Channel 4)

Ramita kindly accepted to be part of a Q&A session, so if you have any questions about her experiences, feel free to ask! Ramita is currently a journalist at Channel Four, and a correspondent from more than 20 countries for ‘Unreported World’. Her recent films include: El Salvador: The Child Assassins; USA: Down and Out; Zimbabwe: Blood Diamonds; Afghanistan’s Child Drug Addicts; Burundi: Boys Behind Bars; Breaking into Israel and more.

She worked for The Times (as a Tehran correspondent for the Bam Earthquake, the escalating nuclear crisis, presidential elections, political demonstrations and human rights abuses), The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Guardian and Marie Claire. In September 2011, Ramita worked undercover in some of the most dangerous places in Syria, risking her life, to report the reality and atrocities which were being committed there. She experienced first-hand life as a fugitive in Syria when trapped in a safe house with three of the country’s most wanted men.

As the town of Madaya was besieged by the army, the security forces and the militia spent three days raiding houses in search of activists and people who had been seen at protests. The result of this experience can be seen in her film called Undercover Syria. You can follow Ramita on Twitter at @Ramitanavai.
Presentation format
The conference is divided into three main panels, with each paper allocated a 10-15 minute-slot presentation with 10 minutes of discussion.
The presentations will be divided into three main panels:

  • Panel 1: Political Economy and Security
  • Panel 2: Contemporary Britain
  • Panel 3: Gender and Politics


– The best three speeches from across the panels will receive prizes of £100. This will be judged by an independent academic panel.
– The best two questions from the audience will receive prizes too!


“Question Time” debate with student political societies
The audience will be able to get involved in direct discussions with representatives of student political societies for a 40-minute debate, an opportunity which should not be missed, especially as we have prizes for two of the best questions!

Our debaters are from a broad range of political spectra, including:
– Conservative Future
– Freedom Society
– Labour Students
– Liberal Democrats
– Student Broad Left


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