Call for papers advice

On the 29th February 2012, Dr Emma Foster held a training session on ways of writing abstracts and papers, giving this way the opportunity to students to ask questions and understand better the requirements of an academic conference.

Annual Student Conference 2012

Call for papers advice

Education Building, room 408
—Who is it for?
—The conference is open to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students in the School of Government and Society
—When and where will it be held?
—On Friday 4th May 2012 on campus
—How do I get involved?
—If you would like to deliver a presentation at the conference then email me a summary/abstract of your presentation topic before the 14th March. My email is
What is an abstract?
—The abstract is a summary of your presentation idea
—The purpose of the abstract is, in this instance, to ‘sell’ your presentation idea to a panel in order to potentially be selected to deliver your presentation at the student conference 2012
What should be included in the abstract?
  • —Motivation/problem statement
  • —Methods/procedure/approach
  • —Results/findings/product
  • —Conclusion/implications
Other things to note
—This is not an exact science so abstracts will vary by topic
—The abstract should be between 200-300 words long
—The abstract is being used for selection purposes for the conference and therefore can be altered at a later date for the conference programme
—Any questions?

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